Single Family (New Construction)


Take a look at the residential services we offer our building clients listed below. If you have questions, please call us at (208) 286-0036.

Energy Modeling
This service occurs at Plan Review stage and is most often accomplished with a preliminary HERS Score. Worst case scenarios are incorporated and it gives our builders an opportunity to look at the most cost-effective measures for building high performance homes. We can also manipulate the data, prior to construction, to illustrate what changes will occur with different orientations, insulation, etc., to give builders options during construction of energy efficient homes.

The Home Energy Rating System provides valuable information to homeowners; take a look at an example of the HERS certificate that is most commonly given to new homeowners at closing.

Energy Code Inspections and Testing
As dictated in the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), energy code testing is required for all residential single-family construction.  Building Energy staff can perform the necessary duct blast, blower door and air balance tests to keep your project compliant and moving forward.

Green Building Verification
Builders that wish to construct above-code homes can find the resources needed at Building Energy to certify ENERGY STAR®, HERS and NAHB Green programs. We provide testing and verification and submit all documentation for utility incentive programs. We are a national HERS Provider, so there are never any add-on Provider costs. For more information about ENERGY STAR® requirements, please visit

The team at Building Energy is committed to quality service and meeting the scheduling requirements of our building clients. Full services are available including IECC Code Testing and Green Verifications (HERS and ENERGY STAR).

We stay informed of national trends and upcoming programs to ensure that our clients have the most current information regarding energy efficient homes.