TRM, Eagle

From my personal experience, anyone building a home or wanting to decrease existing home utility costs should only select Building Energy to audit, oversee and test contractors’ work, and ensure contractors follow specifications. If you are building a new home, make sure your Builder contracts Building Energy as part of the construction process.

To give you some background, I incorporated energy efficiency specs that Building Energy provided for insulation, windows, crawl space, HVAC system etc. into the contract with my builder. Building Energy was on site each step of the way to ensure sub-contractors did the job right and to specs. In one instance, they found that the HVAC system was completely unbalanced, and the HVAC company came back to fix the problem.

Now to the results. In March I moved into my new home. Night time temps were down to 35 degrees, daytime temps mid 50’s to 60’s. In my first 3 months my Gas/Electric bill was $48-$51/mo., LESS THAN my city bill for Water/Trash/Sewer !!!!! Even better, when the heat came on the heating efficiency was so superb the heater would run only < 10 minutes. to reach temp.

Now during the past 2 months with temps 95-102 degrees I turn my thermostat to 75 and it’s very comfortable. Appears A/C is cycling on only every few hours because home is so energy efficient. But the best part is my Gas/Electric bill is running $82-$86/mo.! AWESOME!!!

Kudos to Building Energy – they are the BEST!