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HVAC Load Calculations
Manual J’s are required for every construction project. We have years of experience designing HVAC systems and are intent on eliminating the ‘octopus’ systems we see out there – take a look at Resources for some of the more memorable ones. We believe in doing these calculations correctly and efficiently, which will save on construction costs.

Energy Modeling
Design your project with high performance goals. A set of plans is all we need to evaluate your project and make recommendations. Sometimes just a few changes can make a big difference in the efficiency and can qualify the project for incentives.

Energy Management Consulting
Have a project and not sure what direction to go? Our staff are certified, trained and have a lot of experience. They would love to share their knowledge and help you decide on a direction that makes sense financially and will yield a product that performs exceptionally well.

Sustainable Projects
Building Energy staff are certified to verify and certify HERS, Energy Star and NGBS projects. Ready to Go Green? Our team can provide the guidance to get you there.

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Multifamily Services

Building Energy has the staff, equipment and experience to test and verify Multifamily projects from design consulting through project completion. We provide independent energy code testing as required by the IECC and also certify ENERGY STAR/Green projects for utility incentive programs and Tax Credits.

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