Certified. Trusted. Experienced.

Building Energy provides energy services for building professionals that will save money, reduce warranty calls and result in high-performing, healthy homes and buildings.

Located in Idaho, Building Energy Inc. is a nationally recognized Energy Services Company that provides independent ratings and certification of single family/multifamily homes and commercial buildings for above-code energy efficiency programs. For over fifteen years, Building Energy has been Idaho’s leading energy rating company with a well-trained, dedicated team of Certified Energy Raters. We use current technology to deliver results to our clients in real-time and provide excellent customer service.

Why Certify Homes?

High performance homes provide a multitude of benefits:

Benefits for Homeowners:

Less cost to operate; lower utility and maintenance costs
Healthier indoor air quality; no crawl space or attic air in the living areas
Comfort; less temperature variances from room to room
Home Performance Certificate; a valuable component for resale

Benefits for Building Professionals:

Peace of mind; a third party is independently testing and inspecting
Another set of eyes during construction; identifying issues that may cause red tags or warranty calls
Quality verification; providing a certificate that validates the quality behind the walls
Effective marketing; exclusive materials to communicate your message of quality construction

Contact us – we have the staff, experience and certifications to provide excellent recommendations and service.